Month: August 2018

Mailroom Package Notifications

Mailroom Package Notifications

When your student’s package arrives at their mailroom, after being sorted on campus at a central sorting facility, they will receive an email with “UConn Package ready” as the subject line.  The email is similar to the example below:


You have received an item at the XXXXX Mailroom.

Item Details:
Recipient Name: XXXX, XXXX

Carrier Tracking # 9001649565
UConn Package ID: 999900XXXXXXX
On Shelf: XXXXX

Residential mailrooms are normally open Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm. Check your mailroom service desk for further details on hours. If the Mailroom location is Warehouse, you have a Priority Express parcel to be pick-up here at University Mail Services located in the Central Warehouse building.